Project 3W

AEIOU has set up a dedicated team of experts (both scientists and technologists) to provide professional services to the water industry. Water is estimated to be one of the major challenges of the next decade.

Over the last 5 years, AEIOU has identified several water technologies that may be viably deployed in India. Some of them are:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) from several sources.
  • Ohmic Heating Technologies (OHT) from Dr Sastry at OSU.
  • Super-Critical Process Technology (SCP from Thar Technologies)
  • Solar Distillation Technologies from several sources.
  • Absorption Release Technologies from several sources.
  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery Technology from several sources

In addition, AEIOU has set up an eco-system to take advantage of any of the above processes that includes

  • Input Logistics to bring sea water to the plant.
  • Unique Architectural Design that could be adapted to any geographic location.

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  • Bank funding options to help entrepreneurs to get into the service business.
  • Bottling Plants that can take potable water and package that in PET bottles.
  • Cloud-based Dashboard to keep track of plant performance
  • Additives (about 43 additives such as flavors, vitamins, minerals, herbs) to add taste to the water.AEIOU invites water-preneurs to take up the business of deploying appropriate technology. Please write to for details.

To help make this happen, the following people have consented to support:

  • A T Krishnakumar, Chennai-based Management Consultant (
  • Ram Sriram, Chennai-based Environment Scan Analyst (
  • Ravi Jagtap, Bangalore-based Marketing Strategy Expert (
  • Vandana Singh, Bangalore-based IT professional (

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