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ABC(AEIOU’s Business-Incubation Cell)

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About Us: We are a group of professionals based out of USA and India, who have come together to create an incubation platform. Our group is drawn from several disciplines including technology, software, management, finance, legal and marketing. The team is supported by a Management Advisory Group (MAG) and an Administrative Operating Team (AOT) headed by Antony Akshay.

Mission: To provide affordable access to world-class mentoring services to make incubation both efficient and effective.

Mentoring & Incubation

Engage with AEIOU Business-Incubation Cell: At AEIOU, we have access to vast technical and management services. Write to us with your ideas, and we will see how we can help you.
Incubation Process: Every week, at around noon on Saturday, the Screening Committee at AEIOU meets. Typically, any person with an idea is invited to make a case to take his or her idea forward. At the end of the presentation, the committee decides one way or the other.

Incubation Facilities & Funding: Once an idea is accepted, ABC provides them support in the form of funding, marketing, technical, accounting, legal, tax and secretarial services.

Current Incubation: There are about 150 ideas being incubated. Some of the current ideas being incubated are:

  • Promoting Art created by middle school children
  • Sharing Trivia and Tidbit about cricket for all cricket-lovers
  • Quizzing on General Knowledge for school children in Grades 6 through 12
  • Sharing Brain-Teasing Riddles for school children in Grades 6 through 12
  • Sharing Trivia and Tidbit on EPL Football (Soccer) for all Football-lovers
  • Encouraging and promoting initiatives on planting trees by school children
  • Sharing information about marathons around the world
  • Scaling “click and brick” businesses across geographies

  • Buy cheap Viagra online

  • Quizzing based on “Match-the-Following” (branded as QUIS)
  • Quizzing based on “Multiple Choice Questions” (branded as QUIS)
  • A game that tests the users puzzles solving ability over 40 levels
  • A game that promotes better relationships between the sexes
  • Directory Services for people seeking school admissions
  • Eco-friendly innovations such as “Rain Water Harvesting”, “Air Core for Soaps”, “Low-cost Machines for converting old newspapers into Paper-Rolls”
  • “Potable Water Generation” using heat from flue-gas
  • Gaming Hubs to promote gaming
  • Program to promote about 72 different hobbies such as Collection Hobbies (Philately, Numismatics), Thinking Hobbies (Sudoku, Crossword, Chess), Strategic Games (Mancala, Four Squares, Tangrams) and Skill-based Hobbies (Rangoli, Embroidery).
  • Program to promote community-based Business-to-Business networks (70 communities)

The above businesses, at the end of incubation, will employ about 1,800 people with a market value of about Rs 23,000 crores.

Education & Training: These are offered periodically to both current and prospective entrepreneurs.
About Research: ABC has a team of researchers who provide ongoing support to entrepreneurs.

Invitation to Interns: ABC is constantly working on a number of areas. Students wishing to learn from these opportunities are welcome to work as interns. Please contact

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