About Us

We are associates of those faculty members. There are five entities dedicated to the AEIOU support team:

• Associates and Affiliates: These are organizations associated with or affiliated to AEIOU. They are willing to provide products and services at a special price for AEIOU. For example, FCH Centrum (P) Ltd (website: www.centrum.co.in) is willing to provide international debit cards to parents in India when they visit the US. Tata AIG provides health insurance to India-based Indian parents who plan to visit USA.

• Back-office Professionals: A team of about 150 people in Chennai and Bangalore provide ongoing support for the activities of AEIOU. They help with desk research, field work, hospitality, marketing and other activities.

• Coordinators (based in USA): There are about 30 Coordinators. Their main role is liaison. They are volunteers. Most of them are students. They live in the same city as the college or university that they represent. We call them as “Coordinators”.

The main role of coordinators is that of liaison. There are 30 coordinators, mostly student volunteers, who reside in the same city as the college or university that they represent.

• Directors (based in India): These are business people based in metropolises across India. We have Resident Directors in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Mysore, New Delhi and Pune.

• Evangelists (based in USA, India and all over the world): These are people who are high-achievers, who believe in the AEIOU cause and are willing to promote this activity.

For an updated list of the ABCDE Network, please contact chris@aeiou-inc.com