Project ALFA

ALFA stands for “Assembly of Large Farmers of Asia”. These are farmers who have land holdings that are large enough to use modern methods of agriculture.

AEIOU attempts to add value to large farmers in one or more of the following ways:

  • Through a strategic alliance with Annadana (managed by Sangita Sharma), we encourage large farmers to be educated in the technologies and techniques appropriate for India.
  • Through a team of tissue culture scientists, we introduce modern methods of increasing productivity.
  • Through partnership with 3 nurseries, we introduce new and attractive ornamental plants and ready-to-install grass modules to homes and offices in urban India.
  • With the help of NCBS, we encourage individuals from India to participate in international events such as “Plant and Animal Genome Conference”, an annual event in California.
  • With the help of researchers in Ohio State University, we provide useful inputs on US experiences for farmers.

Some examples of large farmers are:

  • In Mayiladuthurai, we have a farmer who has access to over 10,000 acres of fertile land. He currently grows paddy and coconut.
  • In Karnataka, in a suburb of Bangalore, we have a farmer group that has over 4,000 acres of land. They are already growing a large number of vegetables and ready for introducing new methods.
  • Near Lonavla in Maharashtra, we have a spiritual group that is managing over 6,000 acres of fertile land.
  • In Nainital, near the Jim Corbett sanctuary, a group of managers have over 1,200 acres of land.

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  • In Kodaikanal, there is a 200-acre farm where hill bananas are grown.
  • In Haridwar, there is another spiritual group where we have implemented a model farm.

For farmers interested to benefit from this, please write to

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  1. Dinesh says:

    Do you promote farm villas embedded in large farms?

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