Project Dentalware

AEIOU has set up a dedicated team of dentists and dentistry-related professionals to provide professional services to dentists in India. This draws upon similar experiences from working with other specialties such as cardiologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists and psychiatrists.

Over the last 5 years, AEIOU has met with over 50 dentists in India and invited several Indian dentists to conferences in USA. Based on these interactions, a lot of groundwork has been done. Here are the highlights of Project Dentalware:

  • It is a cluster of over 81 (36 in Phase 1) dentistry-dedicated associations and societies in USA
  • The broad aim is to close the knowledge and practice gap between dentists in India and USA.
  • This is achieved by providing online access to medical information and face-to-face meetings at US-based dental conferences.
  • Institutional Members are provided access to Business opportunities such as new technologies and materials used in dentistry.
  • The goal is to present India as a value-for-money destination for all dental treatment.

The basic approach is to learn from the US experiences and adapt it to the Indian market. The plan is to start with a few dentists and to extend the reach across the country. As suggested by several leading opinion makers, and this includes corporations like ITC and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the whole model should be based on the 3 P’s, namely Profit, People and Planet.

  • Annual Membership for Qualified Dentists: $ 199
  • Annual Membership for Students: $49
  • Professional Services for each Dentist for each Conference: $ 199

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  • Professional Services for each Student for each Conference: $ 49

AEIOU invites dentists and dental organizations to take the full benefit of “Project Dentalware”. Please write to for details.

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  1. Dr D Kumar says:

    I would like to thank the wonderful work done by Mithun and Pradeep in giving us insights on how 3D Printing is changing the world of dentistry. We also enjoyed the introduction to Blizzident, which was very enlightening! I am looking forward to attending the dental conferences this summer.

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