Project EdVantage

AEIOU has set up a dedicated team of academicians and counsellors to provide professional services to Indian students aspiring to study abroad.

Over the last 25 years, AEIOU has met with and counselled over 6,000 individual students to study abroad, mostly in USA, UK, Germany and Australia. Here are the highlights of Project Edvantage:

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  • AEIOU has at least one Indian academician in each of the top 500 colleges or universities in USA.
  • The broad aim is to help Indian students choose the right course at the right academic institution.
  • This is achieved by providing online access to information and face-to-face meetings over Skype.
  • There is no professional fee for this service.

In a unique research program, AEIOU surveyed 6,000+ students over a period of 20 years to estimate present value of life-time earnings (and savings) for different vocations in various geographic locations.

AEIOU invites students from India to take full advantage of “Project Edvantage”. Please write to for details.

One Response to Project EdVantage

  1. Padma says:

    I am a college teacher. closely following the activities of this project since 1990. I have met your counsellor, Ms Gayathri, several times. I have been impressed by the commitment and dedication of the entire team at Edvantage. To help the youth of this country to navigate through the tortuous route of “Study Abroad”, you have been most helpful. My best wishes to you.

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