Project eLearn for Managers

Edvantage Foundation, a wholly owned subsidiary of AEIOU, looks after eLearning for Managers. Started in 2012, the program has trained several thousand people. The business opportunity exists for 3 reasons:

  • Strong need for managers to learn and re-learn
  • Unique content, the core of which is the lifetime contribution of Prof C K Prahalad
  • There is no competitive offering from any other reliable source in this price range

The target audience is working executives. AEIOU provides

  • Complete course materials

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  • List of assignments for each course (3 assignments per 6 month course)
  • Guidelines for projects for each student (1 project per 6 month course)
  • Support in assessment

A panel of tutors and mentors perform the following roles:

  • Correcting assignments
  • Interacting during face-to-face contact programs

List of Six-month Certificate Courses priced at $ 900:

  • Code CBCC: Certificate Course in “Building Core Competence”
  • Code CNPB: Certificate in “Next Practices in Business”
  • Code CBoP: Certificate in “Management Principles for Base-of-the-Pyramid”
  • Code CPSR: Certificate in “Social Responsibility”
  • Code CBE: Certificate in “Business Ethics” (Note: there is no Diploma course)

List of Twelve-month Diploma Courses at $ 1,500:

  • Code DBCC: Certificate Course in “Building Core Competence”
  • Code DNPB: Certificate in “Next Practices in Business”
  • Code DBoP: Certificate in “Base-of-the-Pyramid”
  • Code DPSR: Certificate in “Social Responsibility”

These programs are offered through “Knowledge Partners” in different geographies. While Knowledge Partners get to keep 60 % of collections, AEIOU gets 30 % and the courseware authors receive 10 %.