Project FAME

FAME stands for “Food as Medicine for Everyone”.

Many of us have health challenges, such as diabetes. As a diabetic, one can either take a few allopathic pills or modify your diet. At FAME, you are encouraged to work on your food.

A great example is the suggestion of Mr Malli@California to bring avocado to India – avocado has several health benefits, including lowering blood cholesterol. Over the last 5 years, about a thousand trees have been planted. When the trees started to yield fruit, people wanted suggestions on what to do with the fruit. FAME put together about 20 recipes that have been well received.

Another example is the introduction of European cucumber in a poly-house environment. Yet another success story is the introduction of capsicum. With Farm Direct, some of the finest capsicums have been produced. Again, this was followed by a list of 20 recipes.

Other products:

* Coconut in many forms (oil, water, powder, cream)

* Herbs like aragula

* Over 40 varieties of tomato

* Tissue culture for bananas

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