Project GEMS

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GEMS stands for the Global Elite Match-making Services (GEMS) Division at AEIOU. Since 1979, we have successfully matched 702 women and 441 men. We started with genetic services, followed by genealogy studies and family tree services. Through genealogy studies, we track 70 Indian communities, covering 27 million Indians. Through family tree services, we have created over 104,000 family trees. Please visit and

Prospects for elite match-making need to be screened by our expert committee: the main criteria is education, current job and family background.

Our process: We will send you a simple questionnaire. Just fill it in, and we start the process. Using our vast network of over 12,000 high-impact high-networth Indians, we identify prospective matches and screen them. We share your details without revealing your name. Once there is a match, we share the detail with you. From here, you will have to take this forward.

For more details, contact

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