We are delighted to inform you that as a member of the AEIOU Network, you are entitled to the following:

• In Bengaluru: You can spend up to 5 days in a year for up to 30 years in a club atmosphere in Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore). The club could be any one of the following:

•  KSCA or Karnataka State Cricket Association or Cricket Club: This is a club dedicated to the promotion of cricket. As it is located in MG Road, it is easily accessible to most of the business offices and residential layouts.

•  KBA or Karnataka Badminton Association or Badminton Club (also referred to as Padukone Badminton Academy):

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This is a club dedicated to lovers of shuttle badminton. It is located in a street parallel to Cunningham Road, again a central location in Bengalure.

•  BGC or Bangalore Golf Club: This is an old club meant for lovers of golf. It is on Sankey Road, on the way to the airport.

  Just tell us when you plan to use this facility and we will make sure that we book a room for you. There are about 100 rooms available – yet at the time of big sporting events like cricket matches, they tend to get full.

  If you are available for an evening get-together with friends and family, we would be glad to set up a “Social Networking” evening for you. All you need to do is to tell us as much in advance as possible.

Write to:, with a copy to for more details.