The “Mangalam Maami Prize for the best Limericks” is awarded in each of the following categories:

Grades 4 through 6
Grades 7 through 9

Prizes are based on a simple screening process and an online contest, followed by face-to-face contests. In each category, there are prizes awarded as follows:

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Winners (1 to 3)
Certificates of Outstanding Merit (10)
Certificates of Merit (50)
Certificates of Participation (to all those who participated in full)

Limericks may be created on:

Any contemporary celebrity (sports, media, politics etc)
Any common global cause

The annual schedule is as follows:

Last date for submitting an application to declare your interest: July 31
Acceptance of application: August 31
Contest Preliminaries: September 1 through October 31
Contest Finals: November 1 through December 15

Announcement of Winners: December 31