Project UniVantage

AEIOU has set up a dedicated team of academicians and counsellors to provide professional services to Indian Engineering Colleges aspiring to raise their standards through active collaboration with academicians in USA. The initiative is called “Project Univantage”.

Over the last 25 years, AEIOU has met with and counselled several university administrators, department heads and academicians from India. Here are the highlights of Project Univantage:

  • AEIOU has at least one Indian academician in each of the top 500 colleges or universities in USA.
  • The broad aim is to help Indian universities to raise academic standards, with specific programs for each academic institution.
  • This is achieved by providing online access to information and face-to-face meetings over Skype.

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  • The goal is to provide active mentoring for students and collaboration with faculty members.
  • There is a nominal fee for this service.

In a unique research program, AEIOU surveyed over 100+ college administrators and has created a unique proposal called “International Exchange Center”. There are specific programs for interaction between students, faculty and administrators from India and USA.

From July 18th to 31st, AEIOU has arranged for Indian academicians and administrators from Engineering Colleges to participate in an event, where they would be able to meet about 30 to 50 academicians. The event is priced at $ 5,000 per person, and includes air tickets between Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington DC, hotel stay (twin-sharing) for 12 nights and breakfast.

AEIOU invites engineering colleges from India to take full advantage of “Project Univantage”. Please write to for details.

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