Project STEM Camp

“STEM Camp” in Washington DC (April 9 through 20, 2106)

AEIOU has set up a dedicated team of academicians and counselors to provide mentoring services to gifted and talented students from India.  This team has over the last 25 years, met with and counseled over 6,000 individual students in helping them choose a course of study at a chosen educational institution. This team has now put together a “STEM Camp” (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), the highlights of which are:

  • The STEM Camp will be from April 9 to 21, 2016.
  • The venue of the camp will be in Washington DC.

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  • All participants will stay 3 or 4 to a room. Boys and girls will be segregated.
  • The camp is priced at $ 1,500 per person – this includes hotel stay, breakfast, local travel, conference fees, museum entrance fees and local phone calls. It does not include air travel from India, medical insurance, food-other-than-breakfast and visa fees. Scholarships are provided to deserving students.
  • During the camp, students will have an opportunity to
    • Meet other students from other countries.
    • See 100+ organizations that are connected with STEM education.
    • Visit 10+ museums in the area.
    • Interact 1-on-1 with scientists and engineers of repute.
    • Adequate briefing will be provided prior to the camp.
    • Carry back useful tools and kits

AEIOU invites students from India to participate in “STEM Camp”. Please write to for details.


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