Inviting MS and Ph D students to contribute time and energy

Inviting MS/Ph D students from India on US campuses:

If you are from India and are currently doing your MS/Ph D in the US and can spare about 10 hours per week, we have a job for you! All you need to do is to be email-savvy and a decent understanding of US and Indian environments.
A quick word about us: We help build personal and professional bridges between US and India in the following areas:

  • Academic Partnership (managed by
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) (managed by
  • Caring for India-based Parents (managed by
  • Data Center & Management Services (managed by

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  • Education Cooperation & Collaboration (managed by
  • Friendly Networking (managed by
  • Genealogy (Family Trees) and Community Studies (managed by
  • Hobbies that unite the world (managed by

We receive hundreds of inquiries every day, and they need to be answered individually. All responses will be copied to our administrator,
Once you are selected, you will be assigned an email with a password. You will read those inquiries, develop detailed responses, get it approved and then respond. The suggested turn-around-time for each question is 48 hours.