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Project Tasty Bite (supporting us for the 5th year in a row!)

When you are a foreign student in America, you do miss the familiar flavors of Indian food. Of course you can dine at an Indian restaurant every now and then, but the costs quickly add up. That’s why Tasty Bite has created an amazing variety of foods and flavors for you.

Tasty Bite is America’s leading brand of all natural, heat-&-eat Indian and Asian food. We offer a range of delicious Indian curries, Asian noodles and rices that you simply heat in 1 minute … and dinner’s ready! The food is all natural – no preservatives, additives or MSG is added.

Here’s what you get in every pack of Tasty Bite:

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  1. Rich Flavor & Taste: authentic recipes, packed with vegetables or lentils
  2. Amazing Convenience: microwave the pouch for 1 minute and pour out. That’s it.
  3. Affordable: costs way less than a restaurant meal
  4. Sensible Nutrition: we design the recipes for sensible nutrition, keeping fat and sodium at healthy levels.
  5. Global Quality: our plant is certified and audited for safety, which is why we are America’s leading Indian brand.

Enjoy the flavors of home – every time you open a pack of Tasty Bite!

To get you started, Indian students going to the US can sample some of the products from Tasty Bite. Please contact – we will also arrange for a Skype class on Indian cooking for you!

5 Responses to Project Tasty Bite

  1. Padma says:

    During my 2 years as a Masters student, I thoroughly enjoyed Madras Lentils. It saved a lot of time for me!

  2. Samrat says:

    Tasty Bite has saved me at least 200 hours in the last semester! May the Tasty Biters live long!

  3. Vivek @ MIT, Boston says:

    I wish I had easier access to Tasty Bite products. I get hungry at midnight!

  4. The food is healthy but bland. I use a hint of chilly sauce, salt and pepper as I like my food spiced up!

  5. Padmini says:

    I know some of you may think I cheated – but here’s what I did:

    My aunt from Dallas came to visit me at Houston. I used a combination of Tasty Bite products (Organic Brown Rice, Madras Lentils, Bombay Potatoes and Kashmir Spinach – added some yoghurt from the local store) to present a whole meal. She was very impressed. I hope she does not read this!

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