Project IndUSTree

AEIOU has set up a dedicated team of scientists and managers to provide professional services to tree-lovers in India.

Over the last 5 years, AEIOU has met with several experts in India and USA (US corporations such as Caterpillar and Weyerheueser, forest department officials, environmentalists, geneticists like Prof Diddahally Raju and experts like Prof K N Ganeshaiah). Based on these interactions, a lot of groundwork has been done. Here are the highlights of Project IndUSTree:

  • 3 nurseries with a capacity to manage up to 5 million saplings/trees at a time have been identified and prepared.
  • 89 tree species have been identified and educational materials have been created.
  • We can provide access to a vast encyclopedia of Indian trees, based on a government-sponsored survey that involved 35 full-time staff over 7 years.
  • We have a model where a farmer with one acre of land can take 40,000 saplings and grow it for about 9 months, before transplanting it in another location.

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  • We have access to grafting facilities to multiply saplings in a professional facility.
  • We have a tracking system and a Unique-ID system for each tree planted.
  • This is achieved by providing access to seeds, saplings and other inputs, besides techniques and technologies to plant them on a large scale.
  • Through a partnership program with a service provider, we have the capacity to plant 1 million trees in one hour of aeriaal spraying. Tests with 10,000 seeds have been conducted and we are preparing to launch the million-tree planting per hour in July this year. Similar plans are being created using drones, originally designed by Lockheed, at a tenth of the cost.
  • The implementation partners are Schools, Corporations and Spiritual Organizations, besides individuals.
  • The goal is to plant a billion trees by 2020.

We have two ideal profiles for tree planters: Our first ideal profile is a school-going child, at age 9, who will undertake the planting of:

  • 100 trees before joining college
  • 250 trees during college years and
  • 650 trees during their lifetime

Our goal is to cover a million children under this program. Those school and college children who join later can be encouraged to make up for lost time through a customized schedule. Through a student, we reach out to other students with/without the help of the school, and enroll them in this program. Children are given certificates, with silver stars allotted for every 10 trees planted and golden stars for enrolling other children. We have crossed 4,000 students as of Jan 1, 2015.

Our second ideal profile is an executive who, at age 25, can undertake to plant a 1,000 trees before retirement. Through an executive who joins the program, we reach out to other executives with/without the help of the organization, and enroll them in the program. Executives are given certificates, with silver stars allotted for every 10 trees planted and golden stars for enrolling other executives.  We have launched this program on Jan 26, 2015.

AEIOU invites teachers and school administrators to take the full benefit of “Project IndusTREE”. Please write to for details.

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