• A Academics
  • B Business Initiatives
  • C Care for Parents

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Contest and Prizes

  • Female participation is actively encouraged.
  • Participants who are related to “Judges” and “Sponsors” are not permitted to participate.

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New Projects

  • 50,000 Faculty Forum
  • Build Great Indian
  • Teachers Multi Module Program

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Welcome to AEIOU

Over the last 50 years, Asian Indians in the US have joined the fraternity of academicians and performed exceedingly well. If there is one area where India has a larger presence in the US than China it is in the area of faculty power! As of January 1, 2011, there are about 8,100 people of Indian origin who are teaching in US universities.

As a group, they have a combined experience of about 150,000 person-years, during which time they have impacted (taught or tutored) about 9 million students (past and present) and have been published over 400,000 times. They have always been the pride of India. Now they are the pride of USA. They ought to be the pride of the whole wide world.

They are affable, effective, inimitable, outstanding and ubiquitous - just another way of expanding AEIOU. The purpose of this organization is to provide a platform for all Indian professors in the US – a platform that will help them grow even more effective over a larger geography and that much more efficient in the performance of their roles.