About PSR World

(Personal Social Responsibility)

PSR stands for “Personal Social Responsibility” – a term first coined by the Late Professor C K Prahalad. It is an important role that every person needs to play in the broad area of social responsibility. In a sense it is the personal equivalent of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). AEIOU has PSR Resource Centers in Columbus (Ohio), Alpharetta (Georgia) and Chennai (India).


The PSRC will serve as a global knowledge base of work being done in the broad area of social responsibility. The center will document, publish and popularize activities and projects undertaken as PSR by individuals across the world in order to inspire more people to contribute to society in their own way.


To inspire and engage millions of teenagers to enable and empower the “Bottom of the Pyramid” to create a more egalitarian world.

Mission Statement

PSRC’s mission is to serve as a knowledge base of work undertaken as part of an individual’s personal social responsibility in order to inspire millions to make their own contribution and to fill the overall need for documentation, popularisation and systematisation of specific individual efforts in this sector.