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PSR 101: Women & Self-esteem

Key words: Global, Women, Self-esteem

Lola, based in Columbus, Ohio: promotes self-esteem among women through make-up artistry!

PSR 102: Women and Men in an egalitarian world

Key words: Global, Women, Egalitarian

A group in New York, New York is dedicated to creating a world where men and women are treated as equal. As part of this project, they have a project called “Allowing women to retain their identity”, where women will have the choice of changing their last names after marriage – their maiden last name, their husband’s last name or a hyphenated last name. Please visit the website and click on “About this Petition”.

PSR 103: Promoting Geno-Mix Clubs among schools worldwide

Key words: Global, Education, Science

In many schools around the world, genomics is not taught. A group in Rockville, Maryland is taking the latest discoveries to high school children worldwide through the medium of Geno-mix Clubs.

PSR 104: Making soccer popular among high school children worldwide


Key words: Global, Education, Sports

Sam from Pittsburgh is working on setting up football facilities in middle schools in economically challenged communities.